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Jay - Vocals
Lindsey - Guitar
Gordy - Drums Follow on Twitter
Tom - Bass


Frenzal Rhomb have toured with a familiar list of perverse (mostly) men throughout their career; the likes of NOFX, Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls, Dropkick Murphys, and in 2011, a tour with the recently reunited Descendents. It was on this tour that a drunken bet between Bill Stevenson and Jason Whalley over a can of dog food was lost by the legendary and expansive drummer and producer, and in exchange for not having to eat the whole can, he agreed to host the band at his Fort Collins mansion and studio, unfortunately located down wind of an actual pet food cannery. Smoko At The Pet Food Factory was born in 2011.

1994’s Dick Sandwich and 1995’s Coughing Up a Storm set the stage for a lifetime of poor production standards on great mostly punk rock songs, the likes of which Australian and certain international audiences lapped up. Fat Mike, owner of Fat Wreck Chords and member of NOFX, got his hands on a copy of Coughing Up A Storm when NOFX toured Australia in 1996 with Frenzal Rhomb supporting. Fat Mike, the first of two significant fat men in the band’s collective life, liked it, and released the “4 Litres” EP, featuring a now classic ode to cask wine.

Frenzal Rhomb’s second album Not So Tough Now followed, and featured the violent and popular song Punch in The Face.

1997’s Meet The Family was the first Frenzal Rhomb album to come out in the US, and the first with new guitarist Lindsay McDougall, original guitarist Ben Costello left to become a full time animal rights activist and computer salesman.
Meet the Family and Not So Tough Now were both certified gold in Australia, and stand beside several other awards, banners and trophies collected and stolen by members of the band.

The LP A Man’s Not A Camel was released in Australia in March 1999 and on Fat Wreck Chords for the rest of the world. This one went gold and a half in Australia. That year Lindsay McDougall was brutally beaten by members of the Wu Tang clan, backstage in Chicago. American and European tours followed with the likes of Blink 182, Less Than Jake, Vans Warped, NOFX and Puddle of Mudd

In April 2003, the band released the long-awaited follow up, Sans Souci, Frenzal’s most critically successful to date (save for perhaps Coughing Up A Storm, Meet the Family, A Man’s Not a Camel or Not So Tough Now) and was hailed as a return to form after the dreadful Shut Your Mouth album, which we weren’t going to mention in this bio.

A song about an Australian actor, with the chorus “At Least We Know Russell Crowe’s band’s a Fucken pile of Shit”, only recently got Frenzal Rhomb banned from following the famous actor’s Twitter account.

The album Forever Malcolm Young features the song Gabba Gabba You Suck, which demonstrates the band’s acceptance that “Johnny Ramone was in a fucken good band, but he was a cunt”.

At time of writing, guitarist Lindsay McDougall is a regular fornicator who hosts a drive time radio show on National “youth” network Triple J, Gordy sells prefabricated homes to heavily mortgaged young families in Melbourne, and Tom, the son of the first newsreader ever to say fuck on national television, owns a remote controlled yacht.

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